“Leadership doesn’t develop by accident.
We put a deliberate and maniacal focus on leadership.”


Leadership is Influence

We passionately believe that the team with the most leaders ultimately wins. Literally. We conduct our daily business with an obsessive focus on developing people into leaders and working exclusively with partners who are leaders — or who have a realistic chance to become a leader. We understand that when a teammate grows into an effective leader, our odds of winning (and our partners’ odds) increase. We know that everything rises and falls on leadership. This profound conviction informs our thinking and decisions. “What does all this “Leadership” talk mean? Isn’t it just meaningless corporate babble?” At its very core, leadership is influence. We are consumed with a maniacal drive to be an influential team comprised of influential players with a roster of influential partners. When we formed Rocket Clicks in August of 2008, we made critical decisions in those early months to build a leadership-focused culture above all else, even at the expense of growth and revenue. Leadership values are an indelible part of our DNA. It is who we are. We intuitively understand the long-term payoff in both revenue and life satisfaction is maximized if we pay the price on the front end. Therefore, we daily endeavor to pay that price.

Empowering Leaders

“Yes, this sounds great. But what does Rocket Clicks actually do to live out its leadership values?” We start by attracting men and women to our team with leadership potential. This means we seek out teammates who have a constructive spirit of discontent, offer practical ideas, accept responsibility, finish the job, possess strong people skills, are emotionally strong, earn the respect of others, and lead with a servant’s heart. Once we find potential leaders, we offer a multitude of formal training opportunities. Since our earliest days with just five people, we have maintained a commitment to weekly leadership discussions/trainings. As we have accelerated our formal training, we have developed various workshops designed for leaders at different growth stages. To support the formal workshops, we aggressively seek ways to give our team members meaningful responsibilities that stretch them and enable them to practice what they are learning. We learn best by doing. We have bi-weekly coaching sessions following a structured agenda where we can check in on individual growth and make adjustments. We regularly celebrate leadership growth and accomplishments through awards and public recognition. We constantly seek outside opportunities to grow and stretch ourselves — not just in leadership capacity, but in professional expertise as well. If you walk around our office for any length of time, you are guaranteed to hear conversations about leadership. The topic is in a state of constant awareness.

The Outcome of Leadership

“What is the outcome of all this leadership activity?” In our culture, you either grow or find yourself marginalized. The stagnation of adequate performance is rewarded with a generous severance package. Truthfully, we have made an “all-in” bet on leadership growth. Early indications are overwhelmingly positive that we made the right wager. As time permits our efforts to compound, we will change our lives and the lives of our partners while leaving our mark on our universe.

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