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Press Release

Rocket Clicks’ Link Publicity Service Partners With AdGooroo’s Link Insight Platform

CHICAGO, November 2010 – AdGooroo (, a leading provider of online marketing competitive intelligence and keyword tools, and Rocket Clicks (, an industry-leading Internet marketing service agency today announced a partnership that connects Rocket Clicks’ premier link building service, Link Publicity, with AdGooroo’s industry-leading link building tool, Link Insight.

"This timely partnership provides a fitting response to the biggest shifts affecting search algorithms today,” said AdGooroo Founder and CEO Rich Stokes. “Top engines reward back links according to quality, not quantity, and AdGooroo and Rocket Clicks have aligned this joint offering to help marketers secure the best links available."

This partnership makes available a quality end-to-end link building service. AdGooroo’s Link Insight provides the elite link building data, which is . Link Insight delivers elite data – both comprehensive and uniquely accurate and, based on signals defined by proprietary expert research. The Rocket Clicks Link Publicity service completes the package, with Rocket Clicks’ Link Publicity staff providing professional services to incorporate the data into priorities and strategies. "AdGooroo showed great foresight when they developed the Link Insight tool to reliably rate the quality and trust factor in links and to sniff out where those quality links are. This has a profound impact on those who approach link building as a long-term strategy. It’s an exciting partnership." said Rob Sieracki, partner and COO at Rocket Clicks.

About AdGooroo

AdGooroo provides online marketers and agencies actionable, on demand competitive intelligence tools that proactively monitor an industry's advertising landscape to help them build a long-term competitive advantage. Based in Chicago, AdGooroo provides competitive intelligence to Internet marketers through its suite of products, including SEM Insight, Display Insight, Trademark Insight and Link Insight. AdGooroo tools leverage access and automation to provide advertisers with lists of competitors' top keywords, ad copy, campaign statistics and more. Top agencies and brand advertisers leverage AdGooroo’s competitive intelligence tools. For more information, visit

About AdGooroo’s Link Insight Platform: Link Insight enables website owners to find, score and build quality links using comprehensive, accurate link profile data. This product eliminates the guesswork by providing an obvious roadmap toward building impactful links. Link Insight also includes workflow management features, making it simpler for link builders to track changes and progress.

About Rocket Clicks

Rocket Clicks is an industry-leading internet marketing service agency with an international client book. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rocket Clicks selectively partners with industry leaders to develop their marketing efforts – seeking immediate ROI while keeping in mind long-term positioning and strategy in mind. Specializing in a premier link building service called "Link Publicity,", search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising, Rocket Clicks staff leverages the knowledge gained spending their own time and money on internal sites, so that they can increase the online presence of their clients’ businesses.

About Rocket Clicks' Link Publicity Service: Link Publicity is Rocket Clicks' high-end link building service, centered on publicizing sites by obtaining high-quality, authoritative back links. The service utilizes artful communications with site owners and high-level content strategies necessary for industry-leading link acquisitions. Those interested in learning more about Rocket Clicks and its premier Link Publicity service can visit

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