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Firefox Kicks Google Out, Updates For Bing Ads, More Mobile-Friendly Google Developments, & More

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This Week’s Industry News Compiled By Rocket Clicks Staff   Firefox Makes Move To Yahoo For US Default Search Engine Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox, has ended their decade long partnership with Google in favor of partnering with Yahoo. The company says the switch aligns with their new search strategy of “promoting choice and… Read more » Continue Reading
Groupon Feature Could Help SEO, In-App Advertising Changes From Google, Bing’s Universal Event Tracking, & More

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This Week’s Industry News Compiled By Rocket Clicks Staff   Top Stories   Groupon’s Pages Could Help With Local SEO Groupon has announced Pages as a way for local businesses to connect with millions of people. Like Yelp, Groupon aims to be the go to source for ratings and tips for local businesses. This provides… Read more » Continue Reading

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Important Book Reviews: Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

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Rework breaks the mold. Rather than offering the usual advice of focusing on a business plan, studying competitors, setting meetings, and creating culture— authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson focus on the opposite. Rework is great for entrepreneurs, business owners  and workers who dream of starting their own business someday. The book is an… Read more » Continue Reading


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Interview With Co-Founder of Party.0, Jake White

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Co-founder of the sober party sensation, Party.0 and public speaker, Jake White shared his entrepreneurial business background with us, including some of the challenges and rewards he has faced during his journey. Q: Tell us a little about your entrepreneurial background and where the inspiration for Party.0 came from? Jake White: I started my entrepreneurial… Read more » Continue Reading
Interview with Founder and CEO of Verbal Ink, JR Wurster

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In 2003 after transcribing documentary footage for a production company, JR Wurster took a chance and started his own transcription company, Verbal Ink. The business took off.  We asked JR to share his journey and company values with us.   Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your story? JR Wurster: I moved to Los Angeles almost… Read more » Continue Reading

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