Who This is For

Ongoing PPC Account Management is perfect for new or existing advertisers who want to get more out of their Pay-Per-Click marketing strategies.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are easy to start, but require constant attention and focus on detail to create positive returns. Perhaps the performance has plateaued, there is a problem you’re not sure how to solve, or you know there just isn’t enough time in your day to spend on proper account management and growth. Advertisers can find relief knowing that their online budget is being managed responsibly by experienced Google and Bing certified professionals. We provide ongoing PPC account management services for AdWords (including Search, Display, Shopping, and TrueView), BingAds, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

How It Works

Our PPC experts learn your industry, your competitors, your business goals, your customer’s needs and the challenges your campaigns must overcome before day one.

If for any reason we feel we are not the right fit for your needs, we will let you know. Once engaged, we set strategy with you, agree upon tracked performance indicators, and provide regular updates on our execution and progress toward those goals. You can expect one point of contact for your account to keep the act of reaching us simple, but you’ll receive the power of an agency team improving performance daily and uncovering hidden opportunities. Our PPC team manages every detail of your campaigns including:

  • Short-, mid- and long-term account strategy
  • Ad copy performance and testing
  • Account keyword coverage and expansion
  • Bid management
  • Device, demographic, and geographical targeting
  • Account structure and performance efficiency
  • Quality and relevancy improvements
  • Landing page selection/suggestions
  • Identifying market trends and new opportunities

You will always have direct access to your account and to the work being done. We strive for ultimate transparency and uncommon integrity in the work we do. We align with and have direct access to support resources, such as Google and Yahoo!/Bing account reps to coordinate best practices, new opportunities and account strategy. We serve as the communication hub between your account support and your internal team, providing expert insight and direction.


Need Your PPC Campaigns Managed?

Our expert Pay-Per-Click management team is ready and willing to take the reins of your account. With a focus on growth AND profitability, we’re confident we can take your PPC efforts to new levels. Fill out the form to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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