One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is jumping into their first PPC campaign without adequate research into the competitive landscape. Very often, the largest competitors online are not the same competitors offline.

It is important to conduct an online competitive review through a pay per click lens, because at the end of the day, your PPC competitors will be a driving force into what keywords you target, how much you pay per click, and how you differentiate yourself in ad copy.

The best part of a thorough competitive review allows you to highlight what others are doing well, and not so well, so you never really start from scratch. In our experience, a well informed digital strategy before the first campaign is activated, leads to the most successful of accounts.

What You Can Expect

Our PPC Competitor Review comes has a three prong deliverable, allowing you the full documentation for thorough review and sharing, as well as a 1 hour meeting to review our findings while we present a visual packed slideshow with an opportunity to ask questions of a Rocket Clicks PPC expert.

Our PPC Competitor Review includes:

    • Comprehensive narrative competitive review report
    • Visual presentation
    • 1 hour call with one of our advertising experts presenting our findings
      • Industry Trends & Search Volumes what are people searching for? Is search volume on an decline or on the rise? Are there specific search terms that people are using that may be surprising?
      • Top 3-5 Competitors – We’ll explain the competitive selection process, why we choose them, and why you should keep an eye on them.
        • What is their value proposition?
        • What is their PPC keyword targeting?
        • What type of messaging is being used/tested?
        • What is their social presence?
        • How is their landing page experience?
        • Why does it matter to you?
      • Analysis & Insight – taking a holistic view of overall trends in the industry across these key competitors, and how you can differentiate yourself

The Rocket Clicks Difference

Marketing scientists and researchers at heart, we strongly believe in the power of knowledge. The more you know about the PPC landscape you are about to enter and the competitors, the quicker you start seeing positive results with your PPC program. We join nerdy data and savvy strategy, focusing solely on advertising opportunities for you to differentiate yourself in the market.

Our Values

We want to be your partner, not simply a vendor.

Rocket Clicks is a progressive, ethical, ROI-focused internet marketing firm, and we tailor our strategy and services to fit your unique needs. We pride ourselves on transparency, personalized communications and a steadfast passion for digital marketing.

Need a responsive, agile and laser-focused partner to improve the performance of your business? Contact Rocket Clicks today for your PPC Competitor Review.


Worried About Your Competitors?

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