Not all links are created equal.
Let us show you why.

Our Philosophy

These days, it seems like you can throw a rock and hit two or three SEO firms offering link building services. You may have even seen some of their unsolicited offers to improve your rankings in your spam folder. Most likely, if you engaged with one of these firms, you’d quickly be setting your website up for a penalty from the search engines due to these firms’ spammy and outdated tactics. Thankfully, there is an alternative: link building that will increase your traffic long-term and keep you in the good graces of the search engines’ manual and algorithmic filters. The way we build links at Rocket Clicks is different than at most firms, which unfortunately, costs more. We’re not running scripts to post blog comments, spam forums or hijack link lists. We pair your existing content with carefully selected link targets, then manually reach out to those webmasters to request a link back to your site. As a result, our clients can boast link profiles that are clean and strong, built to stand the tests of time and algorithm updates.

Link Building Services

Rocket Clicks’ link building services are structured in a two-tier approach: link profile evaluation and link building strategy & execution.

Link Profile Evaluation

Our link profile evaluation identifies the most important voices on the web that are already talking about your industry. We can show you the strongest domains linking to your site, as well as powerful links pointing to your competitors that are within your capability to obtain. Not all links are created equal, however. That’s why we look for bad “link neighborhoods” that would have a negative effect on your rankings and link building schemes perpetrated by competitors that you should avoid. At the end of our evaluation, you know where you stand, how you stack up against your competition, and what needs to be done to dominate your industry. We can also identify link targets for your internal link building team to contact and show them how we would conduct the outreach ourselves.

Link Building Strategy & Execution

Once we have a lay of the land, we can implement a well-informed link building strategy. We send personalized messages to webmasters whose sites have influence within your industry, informing them of your products, services and content. These messages are tailored to highlight the benefits of sharing your resources with their visitors. We always adhere to link building best practices laid out by the search engines and constantly develop new content ideas that will attract attention and links from the strongest websites in your industry. Throughout our link building efforts, we put considerable focus on quality (relevance, authority, and trust) over quantity.

Penalty Remediation

Pursuing the wrong link building strategies and tactics can quickly (and negatively) impact your organic search performance in the form of manual or algorithmic penalties. Once you’ve triggered one of these filters, you may feel like there’s no escape. Your traffic and sales are down, you have to invest more in PPC just to keep up, and you’re not sure you can sustain it. It might not even be your fault. Some shady SEO company that initially delivered great results suddenly won’t answer the phone now that a price has to be paid for their short-term tactics. Don’t give up yet — there may be a way out! Rocket Clicks has successfully helped numerous clients remove manual penalties and escape algorithmic filters, returning their businesses to positions even higher than before they were penalized. We don’t have a black box program to get you out of “Google Jail”, but we can clean up your existing issues with a tried and true method involving our attention to detail, a keen understanding of how search engines work, and a willingness to work doggedly to make things right. It will likely take some time, so we’ll need your patience, honesty and transparency as we work; if we don’t have a full understanding of everything that could have resulted in a penalty, we are less likely to fully correct the issues. Unfortunately, some penalized sites will never recover. They have had too many spammy tactics used on them for too long to ever earn a clean enough slate to return to their original performance. If we ever believe this to be the case, we will be upfront with you prior to our engagement. We do not want to create any sense of false hope. Even if your site can be freed from penalty, it likely will not return immediately to its original level of performance. Many of those gains were ill-gotten and can only be regained through sustainable SEO strategy and tactics.


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