“It doesn’t matter how great your site looks
if search engines – and users – can’t find it!”

Our Technical SEO Process

We begin our engagement with a thorough audit of the technical underpinnings of your website. Throughout this audit, we examine the site’s overall technical SEO performance. We first find the issues that can be addressed globally, and work our way down to issues found within specific sections of the site all the way down to the page level. Our work is tracked through a shared document. If at any time you have a question regarding what was discovered or how we discovered it, we will explicitly answer any question. While we are contracted as experts, we commit to full transparency throughout this process with the goal of you understanding how to best manage the technical SEO aspects of your site moving forward. Once the audit is completed, we will meet to review our findings and share our recommendations; we reserve our recommendations until the end to ensure that they are consistent. We will clearly communicate to your team what the technical underbelly of your site should look like and how to get it there. Moving forward, each time a redesign occurs or a platform is updated, we’ll pop back in to review the technical workings of the site again to ensure that previous gains were not undone.

I.T. (Probably) Doesn't Know SEO

You’ve charged your I.T. team (or creative team) with building and maintaining a website that serves your customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been built with search engines in mind. You can only be great at a few things. It’s unlikely that building a great website and knowing the ins and outs of technical SEO are two strengths of your team. We’ve limited our focus to ensure that we stay on top of the latest developments in technical SEO to better serve our partners. Doing so is a full-time job in and of itself. We don’t build or design websites, but we can optimize them for search engines better than most. Let us pop under the hood and see what we can improve. By the time we’re done, your website will really hum for your customers – and search engines alike!

Recently Redesigned?

Have you lost organic traffic after a redesign or moving to a new CMS or platform? Chances are technical SEO issues are to blame.

Many design and development shops claim to know and understand the fundamentals of technical SEO. Sure, they might know how to write title tags or create a sitemap, but do they take factors such as crawl budget, URL parameters, or proper redirects into account before launching a new website? Probably not. That’s why we’re here to help. Too many times, we’ve seen partners burned by a site that looks incredible, but fails to perform because it lacks a sound technical SEO foundation. As a business, your recent significant investment in a redesigned website suddenly has no chance for a positive ROI after a large portion of your organic traffic vanishes. Know this: Recovery is possible and likely. Correcting technical SEO issues can often return your traffic nearly immediately, if the process is handled with proper prioritization, flawless execution and relentless verification. Let’s talk so you can begin getting your traffic back today!


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