Any of these sound like you?

You’re at the beginning of your career, or maybe you’re changing focus.

You’re a natural at finding patterns in statistics, in the way websites are put together, in persuasive language, in usability, or in the social psychology of why people do and purchase what they do.

You have a curiosity for applying your talents to marketing.

If those describe you, an internship with Rocket Clicks might be the right enlivening experience. Here’s what we’re looking for in an ideal intern candidate:

Willingness to Learn

  • You research
  • You use experience to improve long term thinking
  • You learn eagerly and rapidly
  • You’re in your element and can think with thorough strategy
  • You inspire others with your thirst for excellence and constant improvement

Work Ethic

  • You accomplish amazing amounts of work
  • You do what you say you will do, dependably
  • You naturally serve as a leader, even when not titled as such
  • You’re consciously developing your priorities in work and life
  • You are a winner and believe in performance based rewards, and celebrate them


  • You fuel your work life with authenticity and passion
  • You believe a great workplace is one full of stunning coworkers
  • You listen before you react, so you can better understand and serve
  • You are concise and articulate
  • You admit mistakes, and even under pressure you fix more than you blame
  • You are respectful when you disagree with others, yet not afraid to stand alone

Key Qualities That Define Rocket Clicks Internships

Here’s what you can expect from an internship:

Our internships are paid.

You take the opportunity more seriously then, and we take it more seriously as well.

Our internships are finite.

They’re not part-time jobs; they’re opportunities for learning. They’re about 24 hours a week during normal business hours, and end on a specific date. They last for about as long as a college semester lasts, and during that time you’re learning specific skills about Internet marketing – usually involving search engine optimization, advertising using Google’s AdWords platform, creating and managing quality website content, or publicizing websites by building links back to them from authoritative sources.

Our internships are renewable.

There’s a lot to learn. When your internship is completed, interns in good standing may contract to define a new learning plan in the same or a different department, always pending availability and the quality of past performance.

Our internships are real work.

Your work as an intern has real impact. We don’t hire you just to get us coffee or stuff envelopes (although, honestly, there may be grunt work on occasion). You learn while actually performing the real work of Internet marketing, and most of the time you are actually training in, doing or reviewing the practical work that impacts marketing campaigns. We listen to what you have to say about the work you do, too. Given the “best ideas wins” culture we have, your ideas may outdo the CEO’s. It happens.

Our internships could lead to additional opportunities.

A job doesn’t have to be your aim, but we’ll be upfront with you if it is. Sometimes knowledge is an aim in itself, we know, especially for students. We welcome bright learners of all kinds. We know firsthand that internships among recent graduates, however, are on the rise. We’ve proudly seen former interns take on quality marketing and technology jobs elsewhere and with us. We’re a successful, growing company. Opportunity exists.

Our internships offer work experience credit.

College credit also doesn’t have to be your aim, but we can structure internships to meet most credit requirements at most institutions. Students and recent graduates from Marquette University, Carroll College, and several branches of the University of Wisconsin system have participated in our internship program.

Our internships are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Well, actually, they’re in the metro Milwaukee area, in an adjacent town. We don’t offer remote internships.

Interested? Apply Today!

Submit your resume and cover letter to one of the intern positions on our careers page. We’re always looking for driven and talented people who want to learn about internet marketing. Apply any time.

In your cover letter remember to tell us why you’re a fit, and what the position would mean to you. Include any specific background or experiences as well.