Meagan Guse


Vital Stats

Favorite Artist


Favorite Fruit


Favorite Vegetable

I only eat vegetables if they are soaked in ranch or cheese.

Favorite Non-Boozy Beverage


Favorite Coffee-Type Thing


Favorite Cake or Pie


Favorite Candy


Favorite Animal

Fox, because they are cute, sassy and sly.

Favorite Pizza Toppings

Extra cheese (obvi), chicken, pineapple and mushrooms

Favorite Ice Cream

I don't discriminate, I love all ice cream equally.

Favorite Snack

Cheese Stick

Favorite Band/Music/Genre

Delta Rae is probably my favorite band, but I love all types of music.

Favorite Activity Outside of Work

Playing with my puppy and trying to convince him not to go potty in the house.

How did you get into internet marketing?

Started helping my mom with some social media stuff for her travel agency. Then got my first big girl job at an online marketing company and it stuck.

How did you arrive at Rocket Clicks?

A previous coworker knew I was ready to take the next step in my career and recommended Rocket Clicks.

Why do you like working in this industry?

I love it. It's always changing, which keeps it interesting and I feel like we're on the cutting edge of an industry that's only going to get bigger and bigger.

Describe, in your own words, what you do each day at Rocket Clicks.

I like to think of myself as a PPC Optimizer. Yes, we are analyzing data every day, but the end goal is to create the ideal advertising for each specific client by optimizing and making appropriate changes based on that data.

What’s the favorite thing you like to do in your job?

I would have to say writing ad copy is my favorite.

What’s your favorite thing about the culture at Rocket Clicks?

Everyone is a very hard worker, but the environment is very chill. Everyone at Rocket Clicks has a great attitude and seem to genuinely enjoy their work, which is a great thing to be around.

iOS, Android, or Windows phone?


Place you would most like to visit

Egypt to see the pyramids

One superhero power you wish you had

Teleportation. And the ability to teleport people with me. So, Group Teleportation?

Do you have a talent that would surprise most people?

I play the French horn.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn to play the violin/fiddle. It's my dream to play "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on fiddle and kick the Devil's butt.

If you could be any fictional character, who would it be and why?

Beyonce. Because she's so #flawless she can't possibly be real.

Most interesting job during high school/college?

I used to drive the shuttle bus on campus in college. I once parked the bus and accidentally dozed off. I was woken by 2 guys banging on the door trying to get on.

Most interesting place you have traveled to?

Italy. It's such a beautiful place and the history there is mind blowing.

You are eating Mac N Cheese. Do you use a spoon or fork?

Fork, because I'm an adult.