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What is Attribution? An Executive Overview for 2018

Posted by Ben Page & filed under Client Education.

Do you really know which marketing efforts are driving your business? Director of Digital Advertising Ben Page explains why marketers and business owners should take a closer look at the attribution models they use to assign credit to marketing campaigns.

4 Tips to Writing More Effective Ad Copy

Posted by Meghan Aldrich & filed under Client Education.

When constructing a PPC campaign, one of the most important pieces is creating ad copy that resonates with your target audience. It can often be overlooked as just a secondary part of planning, but well-written ad copy can make or break the success of an advertising campaign. A great place to start collecting ideas for… Read more »

Optimizing for Visual Searches

Posted by Marissa Guse & filed under Client Education.

As image-based search becomes more common, search engines are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to utilize more powerful image-based tools to improve user experience in search. So how can you optimize for visual searches?