SEO CASE STUDY: Content Strategy & Link Building

Using Strong Content & Authoritative Links to Drive Organic Revenue






Increase Organic Revenue



The Problem had a lack of original, relevant content. The vast majority of the site’s copy consisted of product descriptions provided by manufacturers that was also used on many competitor sites.

This lack of original content led to a severe deficit in links pointing to the site (also called backlinks) when comparing it to larger competitors who were actively creating unique content that attracted large numbers of links.

As a result, had a difficult time ranking for keywords that weren’t directly related to its own brand. Without prominent rankings for a wide variety of non-branded keywords with high conversion rates, was missing out on a great deal of online traffic and revenue.

The Solution

Rocket Clicks employed a two-pronged approach to improve’s organic search rankings.

First — Create large amounts of unique and useful content, such as buyers’ guides and how-to articles, to establish content hubs on topics meaningful to the company’s customer base. Topics included electric guitars, home recording, and specific instrument brands and models.

Second – Execute a “white hat” link building program to obtain backlinks to this content from authoritative websites with expert-level reputations in the music industry.

The Results

Six months after the program began, had experienced a 15 percent increase in organic search traffic and a 30 percent increase in year-over-year sales for the month of April 2011, in addition to a 29 percent increase in overall sales. This included both phone and e-commerce sales.

Content creation and link building continued. Between April and December 2011, the site saw more than a 44% increase in the number of keywords it ranked for in Google’s top 20 organic search results.


Search engines consider links to a website the most important off-site factor when it comes to prominent rankings. This trend is not likely to end any time soon. Even a small number of links obtained from high quality, reputable websites can make a significant impact on a site’s organic search rankings.

But without useful, engaging and original content, it can be nearly impossible to obtain backlinks from worthwhile sources. Great content naturally attracts great backlinks, but an active link building campaign can drastically increase the speed of backlink accumulation, driving qualified traffic and increasing sales much sooner.

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