Driving Qualified Leads for a Family Law Firm

See how a family law firm improved their qualified potential clients by 25% within one year through a location-based strategy.

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Location-Based Strategy

Proven Process

  • 4-Tiered Paid Search Strategy: If you aren’t bucketing keywords, you are wasting budget and lowering return on ad spend.
    • Buyer Keywords (Tier 1): These are high-intent keywords that indicate potential customers are ready to make a purchase. They often include modifiers like “best,” “top,” or “near me.” By targeting these keywords, you can connect with individuals actively seeking your products or services. This tier deserves a substantial portion of your budget.
    • Geo Keywords (Tier 2): Geo keywords target users who are specifically looking for products or services in their local area or a particular region. This tier allows you to reach potential customers in your target locations effectively. Allocate a portion of your budget here to capture local demand.
    • Categorical Keywords (Tier 3): Categorical keywords are more general searches with modifiers related to your services. For example, if you’re a family law office, like Sterling Lawyers, these keywords might include “divorce attorneys” or “family lawyers.” While not as high-intent as Tier 1, these keywords are valuable for attracting potential customers in the research phase.
    • General Keywords (Tier 4): Super general keywords, such as “divorce” or “contractor,” capture a broad audience. These users are likely in the early stages of research and might not be ready to buy immediately. Allocate a smaller budget to this tier with the goal of nurturing these potential customers into your sales funnel over time.
  • Google Local Service Ad Optimization: Boost qualified leads and decrease CPLs.
    • Audit every phone call
    • Dispute unqualified phone calls
    • Modify call scripts to help qualify calls and win disputes.
  • Local SEO Process: Improve local maps and organic rankings by following this SEO process:
    • Create Location Specific Pages: Optimize each page with structured data, images, and precise business information, including name, address, and phone number.
    • Website Photo Selection and Edits: Organize images, resize them, and apply SEO-friendly naming conventions.
    • Social Trust Stack: Enhance your social profiles on key platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter while  maintaining consistent branding.
    • Google Business Profile: Craft a compelling GMB listing with images, services, and accurate details.
    • Claim High Quality Citations: Secure essential citations like BBB, YellowPages, Yelp, and Apple Maps.
    • Link High Quality Citations: Link to your HQ citations from location pages.
    • Data Aggregators: Submit business data via BrightLocal or Yext and monitor the progress.
    • GMB Verification: Request a GMB postcard for verification.
    • Link to GMB: Link to your GMB profile from location pages.
    • GMB Website: Create a GMB website with key business information.
    • Standard Citations: Order citations and ensure high-quality content.
  • Review Strategy: 
    • Post-Initial Lead Consultation: Right from the start, gauge your clients’ initial impressions. After your initial consultation, implement the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to collect their feedback promptly.
    • 90 Days After First Major Interaction: This crucial milestone often reflects the quality of your service. Continue to use NPS to measure customer satisfaction levels and gather valuable input.
    • After Project Completion: As your project concludes successfully, once again use NPS to understand your clients’ overall experience and satisfaction.
    • Ongoing 6-Month Reviews: For customers who score 8 or higher on the NPS, ask them to leave a review at the end of the survey. These satisfied clients will be placed on an ongoing list to periodically request reviews every 6 months, helping to maintain and boost your online reputation consistently.

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