PPC CASE STUDY: Travel Agency Quality Score Improvement

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The Problem

A travel company was running their AdWords campaign internally. Managing the account was tasked to an employee who was not able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to optimize the account.

During a free PPC audit, Rocket Clicks discovered the client was going after broad terms and using ad copy that was not reflective of what the user was searching for, which was leading to an increase in ad costs while leads were starting to decrease.

The Solution

By creating ad copy specific to search intent, Rocket Clicks was able to show searchers promotions specific to their queries, which led to a higher Quality Score ranking. With the higher quality score, the client’s CPCs dropped by 16% while their average position increased from 2.0 to a 1.7. These cost savings led the client to see 9% more conversions with 38% less spend year-over-year for one of their markets.

The Results

Since launching advertising in October 2017, we were able to double new ad revenues month over month and maintain the number one ad position on-island, all while keeping acquisition cost low – 50% lower than traditional referral sources.

Our paid advertising contributed 13% of all website sessions and 22% of total digital revenue for this period.


AdWords auctions utilize a complex algorithm that takes ad relevance, your bid, and a variety of other factors. This helps ensure that users are shown only relevant, high-quality ads that match their search queries. By building out specific ad groups and pairing the ads within with well-written, highly targeted ad copy, businesses can improve their ad rank and actually reduce CPC – all while attracting more (and higher quality) traffic.
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