PPC Case Study: Display Network Expansion

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The Problem

Our partner was serving the majority of their ads on the Google Search Network and so decided to expand their Display Network presence.

They had previously tested display ads but conversion volume had historically been lower for them, particularly through 2011 where they had a total of 10 conversions at a cost per lead that was 67 percent higher than their goal.

The Solution

We researched a variety of previously untested Display Network targeting options including both topic and interest targeting and determined which areas would provide the most return on investment.

We started by testing out remarketing campaigns targeting site visitors that did not produce a lead. We then decided to target topics and interests that were very closely related to the product.

After gathering preliminary data, we opened up the targeting funnel beyond just the roles directly related to the product.

The Results

The topic targeting segments helped to drive conversion volume and reduce cost per conversion.

Overall, display conversions nearly tripled in 2013 compared to 2012. Display conversions for 2014 are projected to increase over 1.5x for a total volume over 500 conversions.


Google Display Network can be a valuable way to increase conversion volume by targeting customers that are not directly looking for your product/service.

Google’s topic targeting is a strong, flexible way to target potential customers that may not know about your company. Remarketing campaigns are a great way to reengage with customers that have been to your site and did not produce a lead.

In combination these display network campaigns help produce more leads, resulting in more sales.