4 Signs That You Might Need SEO Services

4 Signs That You Might Need SEO Services

Every business has to decide which types of marketing they should and shouldn’t invest in. The factors they use to determine which channels to pursue are completely unique to each business, but there are often trends that help determine which channels a business should use. Here are a few different situations where you might want to consider search engine optimization to improve your marketing efforts.

You See a Sudden Dip in Web Traffic

If you see a sudden dip in traffic going to your website, it can be a serious concern – especially if your website makes up a bulk of your revenue. A sudden drop could indicate any number of things, including technical issues that make your site unusable or, worse, Google has penalized your site for violating its quality guidelines. Without a strong understanding of SEO, it can be nearly impossible to recover from a situation like this. Luckily, SEO professionals can analyze your website for issues and help you come up with solutions to return lost traffic and focus on obtaining even more.

Bounce Rates Are Too High

Your site’s bounce rate (the percentage of visits to your site with only a single page view) can help you determine how well your site converts visitors into customers. While every site will have bounces, incredibly high bounce rates usually imply there are issues with your site that prevent or discourage potential customers from interacting with your business. An SEO agency can help assess and address the pages on your site for issues that can impact bounce rate. These can include poor content, an unclear path to conversion, slow site speed, and a myriad of other technical- and content-related issues.

Your Competition Always Ranks Higher Than You

Knowing how you stack up against your competitors is a great way to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts. But if you’re finding that your competition consistently outranks you in search for high-value keywords, you’ll likely want SEO help. Ranking well in search is largely a combination of authority and relevancy and – while it’s possible to do this on your own – understanding how Google interprets those two factors can help you surpass your competition.

You Want Provable ROI

Traditional forms of advertising can be very effective for your business, but there’s a common problem for them – it can be nearly impossible to track their ROI. With SEO and other forms of digital marketing, it’s much easier to collect all the data you need to determine how successful a marketing campaign is at making money. Like any other business expense, you only want to invest in something that will ultimately improve your business’ bottom line. By hiring a qualified SEO agency, you can ensure that you’ll know how SEO performs for your business.

Any of these trends sound familiar to you? It might be time to look for SEO services to complement your existing marketing strategies. You can start today by requesting a free consultation to see how Rocket Clicks can help.