What Makes an Agency an Agency?

What Makes an Agency an Agency?

The digital marketing industry is made up of a collection of in-house professionals, freelancers, and, of course, agencies. For the most part, they all serve the same function, just in different ways. So what makes them distinct from one another?

At Rocket Clicks, we believe there are certain elements of how agencies do business that separates them from other types of marketers. These differences are more than just having a name or dedicated office building – they’re often much less tangible than that. So what makes an agency an agency?

A Team of Professionals

While most digital marketing companies provide a primary point of contact for each of their clients, the work is rarely done by a single person. Instead, agencies are able to achieve better results by relying on a team of trained experts who are able to approach projects from multiple perspectives, leading to more creative and, ultimately, more effective outcomes.

Continuing Education

The best agencies are ones that consistently encourage employees to continue developing new skills. Whether it’s company-wide training seminars, one-on-one coaching, or even outside education like college degrees or certifications, agencies should be committed to making sure their employees always have a chance to grow. This growth helps employees better serve clients, which makes the agency itself better, too.

A Focus on Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry, and staying on top of all these trends can be complicated. For agencies, however, staying up to date on industry news is essential to success. By staying on top of relevant trends, agencies are better equipped to help their clients succeed and take advantage of new opportunities.

Dedicated Tools/Software

Agencies typically have a budget dedicated to tools and software that help make them more effective. These tools are often pricey, which makes it difficult for a single person or even a company to afford them. For agencies, however, it’s just a built in cost for doing business.

Even without the cost, these tools can be complex. But because agencies spend so much time using the tools, they become almost second-nature.


Agencies often live and die based on their reputation, which is why they often put a heavy emphasis on professionalism. This can range from simple emails to regular meetings and everything in between. Agencies strive to provide consistent, worthwhile service for all of their clients, and professionalism plays a big role in that.