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Own Your Marketing, Increase Your Bookings

2018 is shaping up to be another banner year for the travel and tourism industry, and consumers are seeking vacation experiences more than ever before.

The hotel sector is expected to witness a record $170 billion in bookings this year, while cruise companies are expected to welcome 27.2 million passengers – the most ever in a single year.

A healthy economy, low inflation and competitive pricing have all contributed to record growth. But a common challenge many travel, tourism, and activity companies face is paying high customer acquisition costs to third-party referral sources such as Expedia and Travelocity.

You can drive down customer acquisition costs for your business and transform your bottom line by getting travelers to book directly through your website, but you have to take control of your own digital marketing efforts in order to do so.

While it may seem daunting to compete directly with industry giants, a partnership with Rocket Clicks provides vertical expertise and a dedicated team that will allow you to achieve things previously unimaginable for your business.

Our proven digital marketing process will make sure you show up at the right time: when users are ready to book.

By developing compelling and promotional messaging, we can ensure that more users who find you take action, increasing your sales and profit while lowering your customer acquisition costs.

Finally, our complete tracking system ensures that every dollar invested is accounted for, and marketing decisions you make are leading to the best outcome every day.

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Travel-Related Case Studies

Tour Company Increases Leads Through Mid-Funnel Targeting

A successful travel company bringing US travelers to Europe for country-based tours was struggling to identify ways to expand their reach through higher funnel targeting without flooding their sales team with unqualified leads.

Rocket Clicks conducted upper-funnel keyword research, sophisticated targeting, and added a double-opt in process that provided their sales team with deeper insight to potential customers’ vacation plans.

By collecting insight on both parts of the opt-in process, Rocket Clicks was able to spot platform-specific trends, identifying which upper-funnel terms were more likely to provide quality leads, and set better goals.

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Attracting New Customers through Highly Targeted Ads

Rocket Clicks helped a travel company that relied on a single employee managing their AdWords account turn 18 ad groups with generalized ads into a robust account with 1000+ ad groups and over 10,000 targeted keywords.

By improving targeting and crafting high quality ad copy, Rocket Clicks was able to obtain significant boosts to quality score, which led to higher average positions and reduced CPCs – all resulting in more bookings for the client.

It just goes to show that relevance is key when it comes to well-performing ads.

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