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Dissecting Your Agency Fee

When it comes to PPC and SEO, are you spending dollars that don’t make cents?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell if your agency balances strategy, execution, and results
  • Which metrics really matter—and which ones really don’t (despite what many agencies would have you believe)
  • How to set realistic expectations and goals (plus, the counterintuitive sign that your agency is a keeper)

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About This Webinar

You know search engine optimization and paid advertising matter in today’s digital landscape—which is exactly why you’ve invested marketing dollars in both.

But is the agency you hired delivering a return on that investment? What is your digital marketing agency’s management fee actually getting you?

How do you know if the numbers they’re reporting on tell the whole story? Which metrics really matter?

Are you sure? How sure?

Understanding how to measure the ROI of search engine optimization and paid advertising for yourself is the only way you’ll feel confident you’ve found the right digital marketing agency.

It’s the only way you can hold your agency accountable—and justify their fee.

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Meet Your Host: Kyle Mealy

Kyle Mealy is the Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Rocket Clicks.

He loves building bridges, opening doors, and amplifying the organizations he touches. Kyle has a passion for helping businesses make big growth a reality.

About Rocket Clicks

Rocket Clicks is earning national attention for breaking the traditional digital marketing agency model.

We’ve cracked the code to maximize the benefits of a boutique agency: incredibly low client-to-analyst ratio and hyper-specialized expertise in SEO and PPC, coupled with the benefits of a “large” agency.