How To Use The Marketing Navigational Chart

How To Use The Marketing Navigational Chart

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. After doing much of the heavy lifting to move their marketing forward, companies get stuck at a Crossroads – this direction or that one? What comes next? With no clarity or support to help move them forward, momentum grinds to a halt.

That’s the core premise behind our Marketing Navigational Chart — it’s designed to:

    • Help you figure out the Crossroads where your marketing plan got stuck.
    • Provide free Supplies to help you get you un-stuck and moving again. 
    • Act as a roadmap with Milestones and Landmarks to watch for to confirm you’re headed in the right direction. 

Marketing Crossroads IconStep 1: Identify the Crossroads You’re At

Crossroads are the challenges or tough questions that leave companies feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward with their marketing. 

We’ve identified the Crossroads that, in our experience, most often slow down companies from reaching a Marketing Landmark. 

When you read about a Crossroads and recognize your own marketing journey, that’s great – now you know where you got stuck, and can take the first step to moving your marketing forward

Marketing Supplies IconStep 2: Use Our Free Supplies To Start Moving In The Right Direction

When you’re still stuck at a Crossroads, it can be difficult to see your next Landmark all the way in the distance.  That’s where Supplies and Milestones come in.

Supplies are free resources to help you get past Crossroads and keep moving forward. Milestones are the touchpoints you’ll pass along your way, confirming you’re still on the right path toward reaching your next Landmark. 

So don’t get discouraged if your Landmark looks far off on the horizon – keep your eyes fixed on your next Milestone, take advantage of your free Supplies, and you’ll be passing Marketing Landmarks before you know it. 

Marketing Milestone IconStep 3: Pass Your First Milestone – Then Embrace Your Next Crossroads

When you pass your first Milestone, you’ll know. The feeling is unmistakable – you may have experienced it when you left home for college, or held the keys to your first home. 

It’s important to truly celebrate these Milestones and acknowledge the hard work you and your team put in to get here. But your work may not be done yet. 

Evaluate the other Crossroads and Milestone associated with your Landmark. Are you still stuck at the Crossroads, or is this a Milestone you’ve already passed? 

Before you reach a Landmark, you’ll need to get past both of the Crossroads – and reach both of the Milestones – that come first. 

"Defined Goals" Marketing Landmark IconStep 4: Celebrate Reaching Your Marketing Landmark 

When you can confidently say you’ve passed both Milestones on the route, that means you’ve reached a Marketing Landmark. Cheers!

Reaching one of the six Landmarks – whether it’s Role Clarity, Challenging Assumptions, Channel Confidence, Defined Goals, Strategic Vision, or Whats & Whens – is a huge achievement, and one to be proud of. So give yourself (and your marketing team!) a well-deserved pat on the back. 

When you’re ready to determine what’s next, it’s time to return to the Marketing Navigational Chart. Do any of the Crossroads resonate with you? If so, congratulations– you’ve figured out the next Landmark to head toward on your marketing journey.

Marketing Navigational Chart with a compass at the center and Marketing Landmarks.

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