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Device-Specific Strategy and Management

Mobile advertising demands a strong understanding of what messages will truly resonate on mobile and how the subsequent landing page experience will generate a conversation with a potential customer.
  • Integrated strategies: We’re not just a “plug and play” agency. We continually optimize around a central objective for each account and think about how mobile fits into the overall customer and brand ecosystem.
  • Device specific bid management and strategic implementation: We carefully examine your audience’s behavior and make decisions based on insights, even down to the make and model or mobile performance by location levels.
  • Landing page and conversion optimization recommendations: We make sure all pages utilized in mobile campaigns are designed in a way to allow for conversions, whether that be a video view, newsletter signup, lead form, or purchase.

Mobile Search Is More Important Than Ever

Among marketing professionals, “going mobile” has earned buzzword status in recent years. Agencies quote study after study with statistics about handheld device search trends and the increasing importance of reaching users cross-device.

Unfortunately, the frenzy around mobile ad opportunities is rarely met by equal strategic execution which brings a target audience into the fold in a meaningful way.

Our approach to mobile is all about designing a mobile ad consumption experience that creates a meaningful connection and advances the relationship between consumer and brand.

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