As an SEM agency owned by an attorney,
we know how to grow your law firm’s client list.

Rocket Clicks is a search engine marketing agency formed in 2008 in metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While we have helped a variety of companies around the globe, we have a proven track record of increasing client lists for law firms. Our owner, Jeff Hughes, is a licensed lawyer himself and trusts our team to perfect the search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising (PPC) for his own law firmSterling Law Offices.

As your partner, we’ll design a plan that specifically fits your areas of need. Our SEO approach will make your site appear more frequently and closer to the top of the page when a prospective client searches for you on Google. We’ll also create and manage advertisements (PPC) that appear on Google when prospective clients search for relevant terms to your firm. We also won’t work with any firms that compete with our law firm clients in other regions. We do this because what we do works and it would be a conflict of interest to try and get two law firms in the same region ranking for the same keywords.

Our process works. As proof, type “divorce lawyers Milwaukee” into Google. The search results will show Jeff’s firm,, in a prominent spot on page one. We continuously work to keep it there, and will put the same effort into marketing your firm.

Don’t just take our word for it, either. ranks us as the #1 SEO agency for law firms. Learn more about that here.

How Rocket Clicks Grows Your Firm

To have success in search marketing, your website must be optimized. Remember, your website is where visitors will arrive and is the first connection a client will make with your law firm. Just like a car, it isn’t all about how it looks on the outside. It’s important to get under the hood and make sure that the site is in peak technical shape. Our process isn’t just knowledge-based. We use a variety of software to analyze every component of your site’s functionality. We continuously invest in tools and technology in order to provide our clients with the best results available.

Local Search Roadmap

The first step is ensuring your site is built on a solid foundation for growth. This includes:

  • Examining the content of your site in terms of page copy, title tags, meta descriptions, and more.
  • Analysis and optimization of your location landing page – the page Google and other search engines are most likely going to use when deciding if you should rank in a certain area.
  • A deep dive into your backlink and citation profile. Success in local search isn’t just about what’s on your website, but also about how your website is represented elsewhere on the internet.
  • Assessing the technical and code-related items of your website that are important to succeed in search but are too elaborate for this brief overview.

This will give your site a strong foundation for success and will make all of our future work that much more impactful. Addressing technical aspects of your site first will ensure the vital issues are addressed and will look good in the eyes of search engines AND your future clients.

Trust and Authority

Once your site has been optimized, we can begin building trust and authority for your website. Search engines are intended to provide the best experience for the user. They do that by increasing the ranking of pages that they feel best answer the needs of the searcher. Building trust and authority will allow search engines to gain confidence that your website is the website with the answers the searcher is looking for.

These authority-building measures include:

  • Writing and optimizing content keyword-focused content that gives users the information they need, while also associating your firm with your geographic region.
  • Claiming local citations, including what we consider our list of “must-have” citations.
  • Building directory listings that are geographic and industry focused.
  • Securing backlinks from highly authoritative sources.
  • Ensuring Google accurately understands what your business offers and the areas you serve.

Case Study: Sterling Law Offices

Sterling Law Offices was formed in January 2014. Focused primarily on family law, the firm had no attorneys on staff other than the owner. There was no existing client book to draw upon, nor any active advertising channels. To improve this, Rocket Clicks’ first order of business was to work on the SEO of their website. Month after month, we increased the amount of traffic to their site, which led to paying clients (shown on the bar graph below). Once we established a strong organic presence, we began creating and managing PPC advertising for the firm. Our PPC work generated substantial additional traffic and an entirely new client acquisition stream.

Law Firm Leads Through SEO

The overall result: In the short time since the firm began, our efforts have generated substantial growth at a low cost.

Our Offer to You 

  • Free consultation with Tyler Dolph, President of Rocket Clicks
  • We will not work with any other law firms in your geographic region
  • NO long-term contracts – Our contracts are month-to-month ensuring we show constant improvement month after month

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