As the sophistication of online advertising continues to grow in complexity, many organizations understand that finding the right partner to help them optimize their pay-per-click program is instrumental in obtaining the business results they are looking for. Finding the right partner can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what you’re paying for or your current agency is not reporting their priorities or results. This lack of transparency violates the spirit of partnership and should be avoided for any company serious about progress toward their goals.

The fact is, getting great results from PPC requires expertise, but it also demands a proven process that has worked before. At Rocket Clicks, our team of online advertising professionals have a cadence that drives the most value for our partners by advancing strategy, increasing clarity and accountability, and priority setting based on expected impact. We do this on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis for all of our partners.

There are a few other things that set us apart, and which should be considered when making a decision about an agency partner:

Team Focused: At Rocket Clicks, strategy, analysis, and priority setting are team events. Each client is assigned an analyst, who is their primary point of contact, but benefits from also having a manager assignment and strategic director oversight on their accounts. This open sharing of ideas and insights leads to better outcomes and priorities, ensuring that things are getting done, period.

Google Premier Partner: While there are thousands of digital marketing agencies around the globe, only a small percentage (about 5%), are awarded the unique distinction of being Google “Premier” Partners. At Rocket Clicks, our team size, dollars under management, certification status, and growth have qualified us to have dedicated agency support and access to trainings and beta opportunites that the agency next door may not have.

Monthly Contracts: Contracts can feel like handcuffs and ruin what should be a healthy relationship. For this reason, we don’t force clients into yearly or even bi-annual contracts. We only utilize month-to-month agreements, giving you the freedom to cancel at any time. Our client retention rate far exceeds the industry average because we walk the walk, proving the value of our partnership to you month after month.

Catered Approach: We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing. We take our partners’ circumstances, goals, and organizational structure into account as we execute our proven PPC process. We communicate and report in the ways that create the most value in your organization, and ensure that your account is an on-going conversation where we provide recommendations and priorities that we believe will help you and your business most.


Why Rocket Clicks?

In the end, our team of experts has experience in hundreds of accounts across many verticals. If you operate in the lead generation or eCommerce space and are looking for an agency partner with a proven process and a history of results in pay-per-click, reach out to us today for a free audit or opportunity presentation.


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