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Emma Watson

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There was a cougar wandering around in people's yards a couple of years back, but they never caught him so I'm fairly certain he's still lurking around unbothered. He's my favorite thing about Milwaukee. Do your thing, cougar.

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free *high-quality and locally sourced* coffee!

Ashley graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a degree in Professional Writing. She joined the Rocket Clicks team in 2019 and has quickly become Leadership's right-hand woman. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games with her husband and cuddling their kittens.

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We joined forces with Titus Talent Strategies… and you do NOT want to miss it!

Posted by Rocket Clicks Team & filed under Company Culture.

The Midwest Mentality is something you hear about around the country. Good, salt-of-the-earth people who are incredibly friendly and equally hard-working. Some might say they’re also known for celebrating a little too hard, but that’s okay with us. In fact, we whole-heartedly embrace all of it. So much so that we’re wrapping it up and […]

Industry Update: Top Digital Marketing News in March 2021

Posted by Rocket Clicks Team & filed under Industry News.

Google Merging Bid Strategies Google has announced they will combine Max Conversions & Target CPA bid strategy. Max Conversions was previously used to optimize for as many conversions as you can. This type bid aggressively with little worry about return, as suggested its goal is to get the most conversions it can. For Target CPA, […]

Industry Update: Top Digital Marketing News for February

Posted by Rocket Clicks Team & filed under Industry News.

1. Goodbye BMM Google has decided to conclude offering Broad Match Modified (BBM). Google also announced that phrase match will take on new behavior which has been rolling out this month. Advertisers will have a few months to adjust before BBM is completely phased out in July. There are many pros & cons with phrase […]

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