Brad Grundl


Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Boating or going to the Beach

Most Inspiring Person

Michael Scott

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee


Favorite Blog or Website

I find myself on Rotoworld a lot

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

We have a rocket ship (I wish)

William Bradley Grundl is the older of the twins - hence why we call him Brad but his true name is William (due to heritage). He likes to believe he looks good with a mustache but his coworkers tell him otherwise. Brad's favorite activities involve boats and beaches, with the preferred location of Miami (or anywhere in Florida).

Posts by Brad

Location vs. Non-Location Ad Messaging

Posted by Brad Grundl & filed under Client Education.

When writing ad copy, are you taking into account where your users are physically? Find out how a users physical location relative to your travel activity business can give you clues about where they are in the marketing funnel – and how you should target them with ads.

6 Steps to Importing a Google AdWords Campaign into Yahoo

Posted by Brad Grundl & filed under Client Education.

The idea of having to rewrite ads, input new keywords, and set budgets for a campaign that is already built out in Google sounds tedious. Luckily if you already have a Yahoo Gemini account, you can easily import a campaign from Google AdWords directly into Yahoo. In this blog post, I’ll give you a step […]

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