Dave McGraw

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Gaming in some form or another, drinking, kung fu. That order.

Most Inspiring Person

Uncle Iroh

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

Food & Beer

Favorite Blog or Website


Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

The people!

Dave sort of stumbled into SEO and was in love before he knew it. A creator at heart, Dave uses SEO strategies to help make client content actually resonate with target audiences rather than "doing it based on a hunch." He's also an avid gamer, bass-player, beer & spirit enthusiast, and Kung Fu instructor.

Posts by Dave

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Don't worry, though - here are a few blog posts from the rest of our staff:

Clarifying Your Marketing Message Using the Storybrand Framework

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

It’s certainly not easy to convince people to purchase a product or service. In fact, in today’s saturated market, it’s not even easy to convince people to give you a moment of their attention. To make a compelling case for why people should listen to you over the countless other companies fighting for their attention, […]

Why Calculated Risks Are Key To Reaching Your Target Market

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

If you’re a successful business, there’s at least one avenue where you already excel at reaching your target market. Whether it’s online, at trade shows, or through word-of-mouth referrals, you have a niche – and it’s working for you.  But no matter how strongly you’re performing within your niche, at a certain point, that niche […]

Are You A Data Bully?

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

Whether or not someone is a fan of martial arts films, it’s safe to say that Bruce Lee’s famous line in “Enter the Dragon” is one of the most referenced in pop culture. Early in the film, Lee comes head to head with another martial artist, who performs an impressive board break to try and […]

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