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Simon Sinek

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the "One Team" atmosphere

Drew has been working in digital marketing since 2016. He is a seasoned copywriter and an expert at organic social media. Drew loves crafting new website content and blog posts. During the few moments that Drew isn't writing, he enjoys eating dinner with friends or walking by the lake with his wife and their dog, Ophelia.

Posts by Drew

How Single-State Locations Can Reach Multiple States with SEO

Posted by Drew Jones & filed under Client Education.

If your company is doing business in multiple states from a single-state location or considering expanding into another state, you’re likely dealing with a particularly difficult question: “How do I reach customers across state lines?” Some common industries that struggle in this area include: Law Architecture Accounting Building / Construction Real Estate At the heart […]

Top 4 Elements of a Successful Homepage

Posted by Drew Jones & filed under Client Education.

You only have 5 seconds to impress or lose a new visitor to your website. Include these 4 elements on your homepage to provide new visitors with an experience that feels instantly familiar and intuitive.

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