Julia O'Donnell

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DIY projects

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Angela Davis

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Apartment Therapy

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The amazing company culture!

Julia is an SEO analyst with a background in content creation. Her stellar writing skills help her create compelling copy that both search engines and humans love. When she’s not working, you can find her cooking, crafting, or walking her cat Bagheera around on a leash.

Posts by Julia

5 Steps for Turning Your Strategic Vision into an Actionable Marketing Plan

Posted by Julia O'Donnell & filed under Client Education.

We’ve all been there. After hours of research, lots of energizing conversations, and several brainstorm sessions, you’ve conceptualized a killer marketing idea, and you’re excited to get to work.  The only problem? You’re not sure exactly how to get to work – you need to create an action plan to bring your strategic vision to […]

5 Productivity & Collaboration Tools Every Marketing Team Needs

Posted by Julia O'Donnell & filed under Client Education.

As any marketing team will tell you, successful marketing takes a lot of hard work. There are only so many hours in a day, so finding ways to work smarter is essential to getting everything done.  As a growing digital marketing agency that’s committed to doing things the right way without cutting corners, there are […]

Clarifying Your Marketing Message Using the Storybrand Framework

Posted by Julia O'Donnell & filed under Client Education.

It’s certainly not easy to convince people to purchase a product or service. In fact, in today’s saturated market, it’s not even easy to convince people to give you a moment of their attention. To make a compelling case for why people should listen to you over the countless other companies fighting for their attention, […]

7 SEO Best Practices You Should Never (Ever) Ignore

Posted by Julia O'Donnell & filed under Client Education.

Pay per click marketers tend to “settle in” to a pure PPC marketing effort. This is a serious mistake, not only because they’re neglecting the opportunity for a LOT of extra volume (65% of searchers never click the PPC ads) and dollar cost averaging … but because PPC and SEO are slowly but surely merging as the Adwords Quality Score spider becomes more and more sophisticated.

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