Kyle Mealy

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

I love to cook for my family. Experimenting with new dishes or whipping up a favorite fills me with joy.

Most Inspiring Person

When it comes to showing me what family means - it's my Father. When it comes to being courageous and tough - it's my beautiful wife, Hollie. Cooking - Gordon Ramsay ;)

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

I love that with a 20-minute drive I can be in so many different modes of life. 20 minutes away from a bustling city and all of its restaurants and culture, or in the same amount of time we can be in farm country or small city USA.

Favorite Blog or Website

Can't resist plugging my wife's Non Profit:

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

We do what we say. Which like anything worth doing is wonderful and challenging.

Kyle is a passionate and driven leader with a talent for building connections and amplifying communities, people, and businesses. His unique background gives him the confidence to adapt and find success in any environment.

Posts by Kyle

Clarifying Your Marketing Message Using the Storybrand Framework

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

It’s certainly not easy to convince people to purchase a product or service. In fact, in today’s saturated market, it’s not even easy to convince people to give you a moment of their attention. To make a compelling case for why people should listen to you over the countless other companies fighting for their attention, […]

Why Calculated Risks Are Key To Reaching Your Target Market

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

If you’re a successful business, there’s at least one avenue where you already excel at reaching your target market. Whether it’s online, at trade shows, or through word-of-mouth referrals, you have a niche – and it’s working for you.  But no matter how strongly you’re performing within your niche, at a certain point, that niche […]

Are You A Data Bully?

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

Whether or not someone is a fan of martial arts films, it’s safe to say that Bruce Lee’s famous line in “Enter the Dragon” is one of the most referenced in pop culture. Early in the film, Lee comes head to head with another martial artist, who performs an impressive board break to try and […]

5 Signs Your Marketing Manager Is Overwhelmed

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

You know you need to boost your marketing performance. You’ve had countless conversations about it, you’ve tried plenty of ideas. You’ve even sunk lots of money into it – but the results simply aren’t there.  Sound familiar? Ahead, you’ll find 5 telltale signs that your marketing manager doesn’t have what they need to deliver an […]

How To Use The Marketing Navigational Chart

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. After doing much of the heavy lifting to move their marketing forward, companies get stuck at a Crossroads – this direction or that one? What comes next? With no clarity or support to help move them forward, momentum grinds to a halt. That’s the core premise behind our Marketing Navigational Chart — it’s […]

Building Momentum in Marketing

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Client Education.

Ever had a great marketing initiative that just…evaporated? Got deprioritized and never made it to reality? Seemed great at first, but the results simply weren’t there? It’s easy to come up with a great marketing idea. But the gap between a clever idea and actually achieving the sweet, sweet results of ROI-positive marketing is vast. […]

Why This Marketing Navigational Chart? Why Now? What’s the Catch?

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Company Culture.

If you’re in charge of marketing for your company today, you’ve likely seen a few – or even more than a few – different ways a company can handle marketing. But as a marketing company that has been in the industry for over a decade, we’ve had the luxury of seeing hundreds, if not thousands […]

You’ve Got Your Marketing Strategy… Now What?

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Company Culture.

You’ve defined your target market and your three uniques. You’ve identified your proven process and come up with a guarantee. Your EOS® marketing strategy is completely rock-solid – it crystallizes what your company offers, who they’re offering it for, and why they should choose you to provide it, overall the competition. The fact that you’re […]

Get ready for our EOS® Pre-conference Digital Marketing Presentation

Posted by Kyle Mealy & filed under Company Culture.

Ever wonder what your digital marketing company is hiding from you? You’re in luck because we’ve got the answers. Join us at the 2021 EOS® Conference at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28 in Houston, Texas for our pre-conference talk: “What your Digital Marketing Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Why you need to vet […]

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