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MKEsearch Site Migration Event Recap

Posted by Michael Krieger & filed under Company Culture.

Going through a site migration? Check out Josh DeGrasse-Bauman”s MKEsearch presentaiton on mitigating SEO losses during a redesign or other major site transition.

Rocket Clicks Presenting at MKEsearch Event

Posted by Michael Krieger & filed under Company Culture.

Rocket Clicks’ very own Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann will be speaking at the MKEsearch event on May 16. Josh’s presentation will cover how to successfully redesign or migrate your website without impacting your SEO.

Automated Majestic Backlink Data in Google Sheets

Posted by Michael Krieger & filed under Client Education.

We use a variety tools to monitor backlink health, but I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity of Majestic SEO. Better still, Majestic’s API is fairly easy to incorporate into a Google Script – making automated data pulls a snap. If you want to pull Majestic data directly into a Google Sheet, here’s how – […]

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