Mike Schuerman

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Riding the roller coaster that is being a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks

Most Inspiring Person

George Costanza

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

There's one brewery per every five residents

Favorite Blog or Website

PutThisOn.com, reddit.com/r/NBA

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

Definitely not Alex Langton

Mike has been involved in various digital marketing capacities since 2014, including account management, copywriting, and now paid search. He enjoys NBA basketball, menswear, and beer.

Posts by Mike

PPC Advertisers: Stop Ignoring Head Terms!

Posted by Mike Schuerman & filed under Client Education.

Mike Schuerman explains the benefits of bidding on higher-funnel head terms despite their higher costs and perceived lower conversion rates. If you bid exclusively on long-tail, find out what you’re missing!

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