Phillip Martinez


Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Record Collecting

Most Inspiring Person

Alan Lomax

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

The Bucks, Brewers, Lake Michigan and John Gurda

Favorite Blog or Website


Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

Having a voice

Phil has been working for Rocket Clicks' SEO department since 2015 where he has prevailed in various copywriting, social media and technical SEO objectives. A true Renaissance man, Phil spends his off hours playing trivia, disc golf and absorbing as much music and film as time permits.

Posts by Phillip

Google SERP Features and SEO

Posted by Phillip Martinez & filed under Client Education.

Phil Martinez walks through some of the most common features you’ll see on Google’s search results pages – and what benefits they can provide to SEOs and companies that optimize for them.

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