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How We Work

Rocket Clicks provides ethical, ROI-focused, expert-level search engine marketing strategy and execution, tailored to the exact needs of each client. We do this by connecting businesses with customers through paid and organic channels (PPC and SEO). Our clients stick with us based on our results, our communication standards, and our values.

Why You Should Partner With Rocket Clicks

We’re a partner, not a captor. We don’t want to create obstacles between you and your internet marketing strategies. You’ll have access to everything we do. If we decide to move in separate directions in the future, we’ll help guide your transition to ensure it’s smooth. Frequent, personalized communication. We provide regular e-mail updates and/or calls or meetings tailored to your needs. Our reports contain updates on progress on your goals and information regarding any obstacles we have run into or foresee. Principled, transparent management. We’re not here to hide anything from you. We recognize that this is your business and you’ve trusted us to partner with you. You’ll know why we’re succeeding or struggling. We won’t work with your direct competitors. There’s no effective way to firewall information when two partners compete. We don’t want to keep you from our best and brightest minds, so we’ve consciously decided not to work with two partners who vie for the same target market.

Why We're Different

At Rocket Clicks, we pride ourselves on three differentiators that define the way we serve our partners. The philosophies embodied in our “three uniques” have been cultivated through years of diligent work, refined at every pass. They are a part of our DNA. Let us show you how they provide our partners’ businesses with unparalleled levels of service and performance.

We offer a “boutique unique” level of service to our partners.

SEO and PPC are all we do and we do it well. We’re not the biggest agency, but we might be the brightest. There aren’t layers of bureaucracy to wade through to reach the team members working on your business. We’re responsive, agile, and laser-focused on improving the performance of your business. All of our services are custom-tailored to your business’s individual needs; you won’t find tack-on services or charges for work you really didn’t need.

We bring an owner’s perspective when formulating strategy and tactics for your business.

We were built by entrepreneurs. We did this all with our own money first, and we think that makes a difference. We memorialized the day we ourselves first crossed the threshold of spending $30,000 a day in AdWords. Yes, profitably. Very profitably. We never underestimate the importance of maximizing each and every cent of your marketing budget. As our guarantee to all of our partners states, “We’ll treat your money as our own.”

We understand that sustainable, successful online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Any agency can spot “quick wins”, but can they sustain the momentum gained by grabbing that “low hanging fruit” when the difficulty increases? Long-term success for any business requires deliberate planning and execution, and online marketing is no different. We’re well-versed in devising strategies that will set you on a successful path for years, not weeks or months. We call it “The Flight Plan” and we individually create them for each partner’s specific business needs.

"The Flight Plan"

We truly believe that we have found a way to serve our partners that cannot be matched. If you’ve worked with other firms before, we’re sure you’ll find that we do things differently — in a good way! If you’re investing in online marketing for the first time with an outside agency, we might spoil you with our communication, transparency, responsiveness, insight and impact on your business. We call this “The Flight Plan”, and we use it to deliver results.  For all clients, the team at Rocket Clicks works collaboratively so that you get the best thinking from each area of expertise. Your primary point of contact will be one of our team members who will actively work on your project while directing other members of the team. For any questions you might have, you only need to contact this one person. He or she will secure your answers from the rest of the team and respond quickly. Our pledge is to respond to phone calls within the hour and emails within four business hours. When your engagement begins, we’ll hold a kick-off meeting or call. During this meeting, we will review the scope of the engagement, cement KPIs and confirm the timeline for each part of the scope of work. We will also take the time to answer any questions your team might have about the process and determine the best way to alleviate any concerns moving forward. We strive to create a level of comfort with you from the start. By establishing open channels of feedback at the outset, we hope you will tell us how we are doing — good or bad — regularly throughout our engagement. From the time our engagement starts, Rocket Clicks will adhere to a clearly established timeline, with milestones set to demonstrate progress. This timeline will be set in consultation with you to ensure that we are addressing your primary areas of concern immediately. As work is completed, you will receive regular updates on our progress via email; we can also hold regular meetings or phone calls to discuss our progress. Deliverables will be sent as soon as they are completed. You will know, without question, what we are doing at any given point in time to move the needle for your business. Our clients choose to work with us because we are transparent at all stages of the engagement. We openly share our work, how we reach our findings, and why we make the recommendations that we do. As a result, many clients use us as an educational resource for their internal teams. Prior to engagement, we will work together to determine the areas where we can provide additional value through education based on your internal team’s capabilities and expertise. Our services are not a black box; there is no secret sauce for what we do. We’ve found that the best recipe for success is smart thinking and hard work. 


Your business needs and objectives are truly unique. Get your personalized path to long-term success by contacting us today for your free, no-obligation, consultation.

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