Case Studies

SEO Case Study: Content Strategy & Link Building

Using Strong Content & Authoritative Links to Drive Organic Revenue had a difficult time ranking for keywords that weren’t directly related to its own brand due to a lack of original content and authoritative backlinks from sites within their industry.

Using a strong content strategy focused on attracting qualified traffic and “white hat” link building tactics, Rocket Clicks drastically increased their organic search visibility, leading to a 15% increase in year-over-year traffic and a 30% increase in year-over-year revenue.

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PPC Case Study: Display Network Expansion

Tapping the Potential of the Google Display Network

One partner who has been advertising on Google since 2010 wanted to increase their ad presence and we suggested that they turn to the Display Network. We researched a variety of previously untested targeting options including both topic and interest targeting and determined which areas would provide the most return on investment. As a result of our work, display network conversions nearly tripled in 2013 compared to 2012, and display conversions for 2014 are projected to increase over 1.5x for a total volume over 500 conversions. Clearly, the Google Display Network can be a valuable way to increase lead volume by targeting customers that are not directly looking for your product/service.

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PPC Case Study: BingAds Expansion

Need More Qualified PPC Traffic? Have You Tried Bing?

Our partner wanted to find more opportunities to drive qualified traffic to their site, but the lead volume on Google was hitting a plateau for the cost per acquisition the business could handle. Rocket Clicks turned to a previously untapped platform for the partner — BingAds — and found that the space was far less competitive than Google. Advertising on Bing gave our partner 30% more opportunities to get a sale, with a cost per conversion 60% lower than on Google.

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