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About Rocket Clicks

Where the whole is greater than

the sum of its parts.


Our Vision, Our Culture, Our Philosophy... Who We Are

We are 25 or so really bright people in southeastern Wisconsin. 

We love to win at what we do, which is making money on the Internet via smart and ethical marketing.  To be specific, we don't just want to win, and we don't just want to make money.  We plan to dominate in industries we work in, and we want to make money while enriching lives.   We include our clients, our staff, and the real people who use the web sites we market among the lives we enrich.

We did this all with our own money first, and we think that makes a difference.  We were built by entrepreneurs.   We memorialized the day we ourselves first crossed the threshold of spending $30,000 a day in AdWords.  Yes, profitably.  Very profitably.

We're choosy about who we work with.  We partner with clients that are leaders and winners, often sizable ones, because we've seen firsthand that iron truly sharpens iron.  We believe A people hire A people and B people hire C people.  We deliver to our clients a universally A class internet marketing team full of well-rounded leaders, and we surround ourselves with A class clients to keep us on the sharpest tip of our industry's cutting edge.  That's exciting, and it's also humbling. We are fundamentally grateful for the amazing clients we serve. 

Our people aren't replaceable, and there is no university you can go to in order to learn what we know, and so our capacity is naturally limited.  We won't lie — we benefit in this economy.  We can concentrate a lot of bright minds in one company these days.  But, all raw talent needs training, and in our subtle and complex industry we know a whole lot of training is needed, and training has to be well-informed, and it has to be unending.

So, we hold constant improvement as a core value.  We also know it's a prudent survival strategy.  Online marketing will be as different a beast five years from now as it was five years ago.   We are ready for change.  We welcome it.  Lots of it.  "If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less." Every time innovation shuffles the deck in our industry, we know it is an opportunity to put further distance between us and the rest.  Some of us remember Pine email and gopher; some of us were toddlers then.  All of us learned to make money by marketing on the web since then, and we learned it day after challenging day, improving our skills without pause.

We act with conscious priorities, which make our individual moments more potent and give us rhythm and momentum. We're pretty sure the 80/20 principle affects one's entire life from your business to your wardrobe.  We try not to use the words "actualize" or "synergy", but we're hard pressed to beat the phrase "low hanging fruit".  That's just how much we live the 80/20 principle of prioritization. We will unabashedly and deliberately go for your low hanging fruit from here to kingdom come.

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