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Ongoing PPC Management

We partner with you. Your combination of goals and the online competitive landscape is truly unique to your individual business. That’s why every Rocket Clicks partner gets individual attention through the entire lifespan of our relationship. We win only when you do.

When we don’t know the answer, we don’t rest – we test. We believe that your account can only grow or become more efficient when constant testing is conducted. The PPC landscape is constantly changing and evolving from a technical perspective as well as a market perspective. Sometimes this leads to big improvements, and sometimes this leads to many incremental improvements that add up to big wins. Either way, it’s our charge to be in pursuit of constant improvement for your account.

We believe the breakthroughs in your account are a result of the insights we develop together. We decline partners whose products or services may overlap with an existing partner to ensure that the competitive intelligence unique to your market belongs to you and only you.

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Competitive Research

This service provides competitive marketplace research and analysis as it relates to PPC and your specific business. We provide you with a comprehensive picture of your current paid search auction space to help you make informed strategic decisions to maximize your advertising investment.

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PPC Account Audits

Auditing your existing PPC accounts is a way to gain insight on what’s gong well, where there is waste, and what the greater opportunities are. This can help you provide performance feedback to internal teams or your current agency. Rocket Clicks provides several different audits that can be right-sized for the particular focus and needs of your account:

  • Basic: Flight Test
  • Advanced: Interstage Booster
  • Directed: Spaceflight Mission Analysis
  • Super Advanced: Astro Dynamic

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