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Google as a Glorified Librarian: A Metaphorical Simplification of the Complicated World of SEO

Posted by Casey Emanuel in Client Education

Whenever I’m asked what I do, the conversation usually goes something like this: Stranger: “So, what do you do?” Me: “I’m an SEO Manager at a digital marketing agency. Are you familiar with SEO at all?” Stranger: “Nope. What’s that?” Me: “It’s complicated, but basically I fix up websites so they have a better shot… Read more » Continue Reading

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The Most Interesting Online Marketing Facebook Feed Ever

Best? Ok, superlatives are bold. But we’ve curated a stream of best-of-the-web posts so smart and interesting (on PPC, SEO, business, backlinks, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, leadership, even occasionally the weirdest and coolest web bits grabbing our attention) that we ourselves follow it in our free time. When This American Life does an act on entrepreneur origin stories, we post it here. When we see AdWords analysis we think is genius, we post it here. When Paul Graham or Hal Varian or Edward Tufte do a great interview, we post it here. When Moz has a particularly good Whiteboard Friday (ok, they’re all particularly good), we post it here. Our Facebook feed is highly likable. Follow along on Facebook.