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When Banners.com wanted to improve their online presence to beat out their competition organically and rank for highly competitive keywords, they turned to Rocket Clicks. Here’s how we helped make their website dominate in organic rankings. 

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The Challenge

Banners.com had a wide variety of landing pages that were too similar in nature, confusing search engines about which page was primary for highly-competitive keywords. Competitors outranked them for the most valuable keyword cluster related to “Custom Banners.”

Our Work

Rocket Clicks conducted in-depth research and identified the page most likely to end the search for users of this keyword:

  • Purchase a custom banner quickly
  • Create or upload a custom design
  • Learn how to properly display banners

To achieve top organic rankings for this page, we created and optimized relevant content, internal linking, and site structure. Our goal was to align it with our target keyword cluster, which is critical to improving its relevance and visibility in search engine results pages. 

We strategically incorporated these keywords on the page while ensuring that the content remained engaging and informative. We then linked to this page with relevant anchor text and other pages to pass along their authority and relevance to the target page. This helps search engines understand the importance and relevance of the target page within the broader context of the site. We also optimized the site structure to ensure that it was easy for users and search engines to navigate.


Banners.com saw organic traffic and search increases across the board YoY, ultimately expecting organic traffic to increase 20x in two years. 

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