The Three Things I Hear Most When Prospecting Potential Clients

The Three Things I Hear Most When Prospecting Potential Clients

As the primary initial contact for Rocket Clicks for all new sales inquiries, I have started to hear many of the same concerns repeated over and over.

More times than not, business owners or marketing heads come to Rocket Clicks with an existing or prior digital marketing agency relationship. If this is the case, I of course ask how things are going… I often get the exact same response: “Things were going great at first, but I think they’ve gotten lazy, they never communicate, answer their phones, or address my concerns in a timely manner.”

They state that they have started to see a decline in performance, communication, attention to detail, or all the above.

When it comes to the relationship aspect of their engagement, one, if not all, of the below statements make an appearance.

Number One: “I never know what my agency is doing.”

When you’re trusting an outside agency with your digital marketing efforts, it’s only natural that you want to make sure you understand what they’re working on. After all, you would hire a digital marketing manager and never ask them what their priorities are, would you?

if you don’t know what your agency is working on, there’s absolutely no way to know if they’re aligned with your priorities – or even doing anything at all!

A good agency is in regular contact so that you always know what their current action items are. At Rocket Clicks, we meet with clients on a monthly basis at minimum, while also mixing in weekly touch points and regular status updates for ongoing projects. The goal: you always know exactly what we’re doing and we can course correct quickly if priorities change.

Number Two: “My agency sends me a report I don’t understand.”

I have three letters for you: K. P. I.

Your key performance indicators are the most crucial metrics that help you determine the success of your digital marketing efforts. If you haven’t had a conversation with your marketing agency about what your KPIs are, odds are their reports are lacking in meaningful information.

The truth is, anyone can pull data from an analytics platform. It takes actual skill to provide context for that data and truly explain what that data means for your business. If you feel like you’re just staring at a bunch of charts and numbers, what are you really learning?

Good reporting still makes use of metrics, but it also uses elements of storytelling. Traffic is up 10%. Great – but why? A good report will tell you what the metrics are, but more importantly why they matter to your business.

Did we see a 15% lift in revenue because of those new ad campaigns we launched? Is the bounce rate going down because we optimized well-trafficked blog posts to create a better user experience?

These are the questions good reporting will answer.

As opposed to forcing our clients into an automated reporting solution, we have taken the approach of working with our partners to truly understand “What Success Looks like” in their eyes and producing a custom, personalized report that is more than just numbers on a page. We strive to add insights and priorities so our clients can understand not only what we are seeing, but also what we are doing about it.

Number Three: “I’m not confident they understand my business.”

Here’s the truth: No one will ever understand your business as well as you do.

But here’s another truth: You can’t do successful digital marketing without intimately knowing the business and industry you’re marketing.

We can spit out best practices all day – and they might even help your business see some small gains. But it’s understanding the nuance of your industry and the specific strengths of your business that are going to help you get to the next level.

Has your agency told you they’re planning to optimize for a specific service area, but you’ve explicitly told them that the service area they’re looking at isn’t really all that profitable for you? Or maybe they’re struggling to understand your ideal customer and bringing in a lot of “less than ideal” leads as a result?

Many agencies focus too heavily on driving traffic to your website, but the unfortunate reality is traffic doesn’t pay the bills. Sales and leads do. We can drive traffic to your site all day, but if it’s not the right traffic, you might be better off not paying us at all. This is where truly understanding your business comes into play.

By understanding who your ideal customers are, what your most profitable products are, and where you’re looking to grow, your digital marketing agency is better suited to drive qualified, relevant traffic to your site. And that’s better for everyone.

What I’ve Learned

One of the greatest “light bulb” moments for us is realizing that we are not in the PPC and SEO business. We are in the client management business and just happen to specialize in PPC and SEO.

This may seem to be an insignificant distinction, but it has been a true game changer for us and, more importantly, for our relationship with our clients. It’s a monumental mind-shift from what our clients tell us about their prior agency partners.

That’s what sets us apart.

Communicating what we are working on, the expected results, and timeline are the first steps. But at the end of the day, business owners and marketing leads need to justify their investment and understand the return on investment of each marketing channel and vendor partner. We understand that no one outside of our walls “cares” about our awards or accolades if we can not perform in their account, communicate, and add value to their business.

Do any of the statements above sound familiar? If so, let’s talk. Just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.

Tyler Dolph

Tyler is a sales and marketing focused leader with a passion for team and personal growth. He has B.A Degrees in Marketing and Communications from Lindenwood University and joined the Rocket Clicks team in 2015.