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Just getting started with digital marketing?

Track #1: Your customers are searching for you online: Are you there?​

Has “digital marketing” been collecting dust on your V/TO Issues list? Is your online presence generating sales while communicating who you are? Rocket Clicks has 12 years of experience creating an online presence for businesses from all industries. We will provide you with an overview of the digital marketing landscape and key questions for you to consider in order to gain traction.


Wednesday, May 13th

Have a sophisticated digital strategy already?

Track #2: 5 questions you need to be asking your digital marketing seat.​

You’re ahead of your industry in utilizing digital marketing to grow your business. Digital success is a moving target. Ensure that you and your team are pointed in the right direction by attending this session. Rocket Clicks has over 12 years of managing hundreds of digital programs, and 100M+ in ad spend. We will give you 5 relevant questions to ask your current marketing seat or partner today.


Wednesday, May 13th

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