Don’t let a site redesign ruin your rankings

Simple fact: Bad websites don’t rank well.

Search engines are constantly crawling your site, trying to determine if it is relevant and provides a positive user experience. Issues such as not found errors (404 pages), redirects, slow loading times and duplicate pages are just some of the technical problems that will cause a drop in rankings.

If you’ve experienced unexplained traffic declines or recently redesigned your site, Rocket Clicks can pinpoint the technical issues holding your site back and get you ranking again.


The Rocket Clicks Difference

Rocket Clicks has an extensive testing regime to find and fix errors related to search engine crawlability and indexation, organizational structure and interlinking, backlinks, site speed, content quality and other factors that have the potential to harm search engine rankings.

Our technical compliance audit examines trouble spots such as:

  • Crawlability/Indexation: Canonicalization, redirects, pages indexed, etc.
  • User Experience: Site speed, render blocking, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Analytics/Goals: Setup and installation, quality of data, conversion tracking, etc.
  • Backlink Profile: Unnatural links, duplicate domains, penalization, etc.
  • … and much more!

Many design and development companies claim they build “SEO friendly” sites, but all too often we find serious technical issues that make it impossible to compete in search results. If your site is losing search traffic, it’s time to call the experts.


Our Values

We want to be your partner, not simply a vendor.

Rocket Clicks is a progressive, ethical, ROI-focused internet marketing firm, and we tailor our strategy and services to fit your unique needs. We pride ourselves on transparency, personalized communications and a steadfast passion for digital marketing.

Need a responsive, agile and laser-focused partner to improve the search presence of your name or brand? Contact Rocket Clicks today for a free consultation.


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