Nicole Mennicke

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Playing with my kids

Most Inspiring Person

military spouses

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

Midwest service mentality

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

Commitment to it's people

Posts by Nicole

Leadership & French Fries

Posted by Nicole Mennicke & filed under Client Education.

Near our offices in Menomonee Falls, WI, there are two of the same fast food restaurants that are exactly 2.7 miles from each other on the same road. Assuming they have the same franchise expectations, access to common processes, procedures, trainings, and nearby talent pool, things should be relatively the same, right? Wrong. There is […]

Is Your Agency Listening?

Posted by Nicole Mennicke & filed under Client Education.

Is your marketing agency actually listening to you, or are you just a problem to solve? Nicole Mennicke explains how great agencies effectively prioritize tasks and solve issues by truly listening to their clients.

Why Doing PPC Is Just Like Being a Parent

Posted by Nicole Mennicke & filed under Client Education.

Rocket Clicks’ VP of Operations, Nicole Mennicke, relates raising children to strategy for a successful PPC campaign and client relationship in the latest RC blog post.

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